Domestic & Commercial projects

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Residential & commercial projects

At O&M Ltd we are experts when it comes to plastering. It doesn’t matter how large your walls are or how high your ceilings may be we will take care of it and we can also do tiling and everything else needed. Whether your premises are commercial or residential we are the professionals that you require for a job well done. Our work is carried out with great attention to detail and with attention to quality. It is also carried out by trained specialists in the field who will guarantee a perfect outcome and if needed a turnkey service.

Home Decoration

Whether you would like to have a flat ceiling or wall lining we will provide you with everything. We can also build the fireplace surrounding for your home.


We provide you with plastering work and gypsum work wherever you need it. We will build partitions and also provide you with painting jobs where needed.

Proofing solutions

If you want to soundproof your rooms for any reason we can do this for you. If however, you would like to install flame retardant materials we can do this as well as provide you with anti-humidity solutions.