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 Gypsum Ceilings & Soffits

We can create a multitude of gypsum ceilings and soffits using drywall materials. These ceilings are designed to present additional design features. The drywall we use is made using light, fire-proof and water-repelling materials, ready to be painted in any colour desired.

Bulkheads & Covings

For a beautiful modern look or a classical ceiling design, we at O&M Ltd present our clients with a wide range of customised bulkheads, cornices and covings. These additions are ideal for all types of houses as their main aim is to accentuate features and add depth.

Gypsum Creations

We provide our customers with a wide selection of gypsum creations including fireplaces, gypsum units such as wardrobes and shelving units and even partitions and sliding doors. These features are designed to provide users with a lightweight solution for their needs. Ideal to add storage space, design features and even divide rooms into two for additional privacy.

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